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A web design studio in Glasgow with clients all over the world including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

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Our Ethos is simple. We don’t care for clichéd or pretentious mission statements. We design and build usable and engaging websites using open source tools.

We’re a small, creative studio, which results in an effective use of your budget. When developing a website, we take time and we meticulously hand-code every line of code, because if a website is coded well, it works faster, works efficiently, and performs better in search engines.

Every website has a goal, whether that means more sign-ups, sales or clicks. Websites serve a specific purpose and if the interface is well designed, users will spend less time learning how to use the website and more time using it.

We love open source software because it represents all that’s good about the web. OS software means that the underlying source code is not copyrighted and therefore available free of charge to read, modify, and improve. We embrace open source technologies to create websites that provide exceptional functionality and interactivity.

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“Eleventh Edition was great to work with. I’m thrilled with how my website, and the mobile version of it, turned out. Wonderful to work with – patient, persistent and professional. Although we worked at a distance on the project, it went off without a hitch.”
Dianne Davis, Fishbone Interactive, Canada

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